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Here we will apply up to two coats of premium quality paint to a uniform finish. The most common application we use is spray and back roll, what this does is puts the paint on the wall with an airless spray gun and staff will follow up with a wet roller to ensure a quality bond and finish to your home.


Our clean up is done daily as well as upon the completion of our work. Plastic will be pulled and your touch up paint we leave you will be stored in a neatly manor.

Wash and surface preparation

Your home will be treated with fungicide and power washed to ensure the removal of loose paint. Based on the exterior painting proposal, all surface cracks will be repaired, windows will be caulked as needed, Prime all new repairs. Cover areas not to be painted with clear plastic and tarps. Once this step is complete we will apply a clear coat of chalky surface sealer to ensure a solid bond with paint.


After our own inspection, you will be invited to inspect our work and will be asked for feed back regarding the painting of the exterior of your home.

Exterior House painting

At American Painting & Property Service we have found through experience that a systematic approach helps us to deliver the quality house painting job that we have promised you.

Below are the general steps we will take on your exterior house painting project. Your situation may vary depending on your exterior needs.

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