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Inspect and Walk through

After our own inspection you are invited to do a walkthrough inspection of our work and will be asked to give us feed back regarding your interior House painting experience.

Clean up 

 We remove tape and plastic, light plates are put back, furniture and accessories are moved back to your desired location, floors are swept, carpets are vacuumed, and all of our materials are removed.


Repaired areas, stains and dark colors are primed and then a premium quality paint is applied to a uniform finish.

Set Up and Preparation

Items will be moved to the center of the room or placed in an agreed upon staging area and covered with clear new plastic. floors will be covered with tarps. electrical plates will be removed and the outlets will be taped. At this point based on your request we will remove unwanted nails, holes will be filled, patches and repairs will be made, in other words areas that need special attention will get it

Interior House Painting St Petersburg FL


At American Painting & Property Service we have found that it is best to approach each interior painting project with a systematic approach. This approach is a custom plan on how we will handle your home. This plan has two primary purposes the first reason we do this is to keep you the customer informed about the game plan for your home. The second reason is because it helps us deliver to you the quality interior house painting job that we promised. We know that Pinellas County has a wide range of home types, whether your home is in Downtown St Pete or in Pinellas Park; we make sure to focus on what makes your home unique and what works best for your project.


Below are the general steps we take when doing an interior house painting project. Your situation may vary depending on the need of your home, but remember we at American Painting & Property Service are transparent company and will always keep you informed.

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